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For those of you out there who are already using these, I know you love them. (Be sure to tell us why in the comments below!)  For those of you who have not yet discovered blender bottles, make some room in your cabinet.  You’re going to want to get a few of these.

The Happy Gal Blender Bottle

What’s so great about Blender Bottles?

If you exercise, you probably know that you can almost double your results if you can quickly replenish your muscles with protein within 45 minutes of your workout. And protein shakes are the way to go. They metabolize instantly, so all of that protein gets right into your muscles.

Last year my husband and I went on vacation, and I took meal replacements for after my exercise…but forgot my blender bottle.  To make my shake I had to try to pour the powder into a water bottle, then shake it up with the water.  It never mixed well, and it was a pain.  Since then, I have a new appreciation for that little metal spiral within the blender bottles.   They mix up your shake like magic.

Other Uses for Blender Bottles

In addition to beautifully blending shakes, the smaller containers are the perfect container for salad dressings.   In this week’s CHOW, Chicken Craisin Salad, I’ve given you the recipe for a pink salad dressing.  I will be suggesting this dressing for a number of different salads.  It is a good idea to keep this on hand in your refrigerator, and the small blender bottles are a great way to store (and pour) it.

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2 thoughts on “Blender Bottle

  1. Erika Sullivan

    Jenny, I just bought one of these this week and I love it! Currently I am drinking two meal replacements a day, and am sick of using my Blendtec for a simple protein smoothie. So this is great because I save my blender a few cycles and just drink it straight out of the cup! I also used it to make a ginger soy dressing for a Chinese Chicken salad I made. Awesome! Thanks for sharing! Love you, by the way. I love your website and it is so “you.” Happy to be your friend and I hope I can see you soon!


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