April 7-14 The Mom Conference
I am so excited to be a featured presenter at The Mom Conference – a fantastic online event beginning April 7th.

You’ll get a chance to hear from some of my FAVORITE speakers – Six Sister’s Stuff, Power of Mom’s, Tiffany Walke Peterson, One Good Thing by Jillee, and so many more. And you’re going to love this part – it’s totally free to attend!



Thursday, April 17Get Ready for Summer! – rescheduled

Happy Gals, technology has gotten the best of me for the last two hangouts I’ve attempted. It’s time to get trained on exactly how to make this work! So I’m sorry to reschedule on you again, but I will get it right next time. Three times is the charm! And be sure to join me because this content is going to be just what you need to get you ready for summer.

This hangout is for you if you are approaching the onset of summer with some mixed feelings. We will talk all about how to make the most out of the lazy days of summer – accomplishing all of the fun and essentials tasks you need to have a happy, healthy, organized, and balanced summer. Specifically we’ll talk about how to get things done, how to find the time and motivation for fitness and nutrition, and how to organize your time and home.  Details coming soon.



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  1. Erika Sullivan

    Wish I still lived in that neighborhood so I could go! I lived on Dearborn St. when I was a kid and went to the Stratford Ward. How funny!

  2. Lisa Amundsen

    The wrapping paper station looks awesome and I really like the desktop file…super cute. Can’t wait to win!!

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