10 Ways To Get Proven Results From Your Workout

10 Ways to Get Proven Results

Our fitness/nutrition contributor Sue Bagley is back with 10 ways to get proven results from your workout. I love these 10 thoughts, and have already begun to incorporate them into my life! I tried her Summer Towel Workout, and loved it!  Here is Sue:

Being a fitness instructor, a lot of people say to me “Sue I’ve been working out and I’m just not seeing change.”  Sometimes we may be exercising but might be missing some key components that bring change and better overall health.  Here are my top 10:

  1. If You Do the Same Things, You Get the Same Results.  To really see change in the body you have to change or vary one of these three aspects:  duration, the type of exercise you are performing, or the intensity.  Usually intensity is the aspect that needs to be ramped up!  For example, if you are a runner, try running interval sprints as fast and hard as you can.
  2. Add 2 or 3 30 Minute High Intensity Interval Training Sessions a week.  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a proven and effective way to get results.  These workouts require you to work to your maximum approximately 70% of 30 minutes.  The intensity should be extremely difficult to maintain.  These type of workouts recruit more fast-twitch muscle fibers that rev the metabolism and create shape and muscle in the body.
  3. Develop Strength You Can Apply!  Instead of using machines where you are sitting and being supported, stand and do the same exercise and incorporate lower and upper body moves together.  You will use more core and back muscles which assist you in your everyday movements.
  4. Don’t Use Your Vacation as Pure Vacation.  This is where many of us do major damage!  Many people go on vacation and eat and relax – which is great.  However, take this time to continue great eating habits while treating yourself.  Make it a time to try new workouts, local classes, or explore the surrounding areas by being active!
  5. Exercise in the Morning.  You actually burn more fat when you work out first thing in the morning after you wake up.  This is because your body is just coming out of a fasting phase and it has less glycogen to use as energy.  So instead it turns to our fat reserves to use for energy.  Plus you get your workout done for the day and jump start that metabolism!
  6. Fear is a Great Motivator!  Try something that intimidates you.  Sign up for an event that is challenging.  Try a new type of exercise.  The commitment to training or the exposure to new exercises will bring change in the body.  Plus you build confidence and strength when you accomplish something that is new or difficult!
  7. If You Eat Garbage You’ll Perform Like Garbage.  I see a lot of people come into my classes that are dragging mainly because they are not fueling their bodies properly!  When you have the energy to work out and perform, you’ll get more results from your workout!  So if you feel yourself dragging, look at what you are eating.
  8. Learn How to Rest.  This is one I’m still working on!  If you’re a die-hard workout fanatic like me, sometimes it’s actually better to sleep than workout.  Why is this?  Your muscles need time for recovery.  If you don’t get proper recovery you lose strength, you’re more prone to injury and you may even be eating away at your muscles!  So if you are super tired towards the end of the week or after a super hard workout, sleep.  If you’re not getting on average 7 hours of sleep a night…take the time to sleep and not go to the gym the next day!
  9. We Exercise to Maintain True Health.  If you are caught in a trap feeling like you have to do more to get better results, realize that’s not what true health and fitness is.
  10. Consistency….The End.  Consistency will bring more results and health and happiness than anything else.

If you haven’t seen Sue’s profile yet, check her out on our about page.

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