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School has started, and we’ve already beaten peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to death at our house. Here I sit at home, eating a healthy, delicious salad (because I know how easy it is to eat this way…and while we’re on the subject of healthy recipes, be sure to check out my AWESOME Healthy 7-Day Meal Plan!) and my poor kids are having to face another day of the same boring sack lunches…until now!

Here are FIVE fun and simple ideas to help keep your kids happy, healthy and willing to eat their lunch!!!

Stick a Toothpick in it

“Toothpick lunches” are one of my kids’ favorite things to eat. It is amazing what they will eat if they get to stick a toothpick in it! I usually buy regular toothpicks but it is fun to spice it up a little and buy different kinds. You can order some really fun ones here.

Plastic Toothpicks 375ct

2. Contain it

lunchblox kids

I LOVE these little containers. It keeps everything fresh and ready for your little one to enjoy.

  • Food containers snap together to stay organized and save space in lunch bags
  • Microwave, Freezer and Dishwasher Safe
  • Perfect for flat or tall lunch bags
  • Blue Ice pack keeps lunches chilled on the go
  • Leak-proof lids are easy to open-no adults needed!
  • Available in 2 unique configurations to fit your child’s lunch bag

To learn more about this product, or to order, click here.

Bento Box

I also LOVE these Bento Boxes from Pottery Barn Kids. I love how compact it is and how it separates the food. My kids love to open these and see what yummy things I have put in it. I put a little treat in the one that closes so it can be a fun surprise when they open it. The toothpics come in handy for this lunch as well. Oh and don’t forget a little love note! Click here for pricing or to learn more.

3. Cut-n-Seal

Cut n Seal

Love the Pampered Chef Cut-N-Seal! It spices up a regular ole’ sandwich in a jiffy! (Not to mention the little perk of cutting off the crusts for the kids.) Click here for more information on the Cut-N-Seal. And check out how cute these sandwiches are! Thanks to The Muffin Tin Mom for the darling kitty sandwich idea. Click here to see how she did it.

cute kitty lunch

4. Make Lunch Time Fun!


This is the real thing from the movie “Cars.” Definitely the lunch for a rainy day! I love the step-by-step instructions from Crusts and Everything. Be sure to check it out to see all of the “Mater Sandwiches” submitted by their viewers!

5. Home Lunch Menu


Recreate the excitement of school lunch by creating your own “lunch menu!” Not only will add some novelty to the sack lunch idea, but it will save you the stress of trying to come up with something new each morning. All of the planning will already be done!

Now it is time for you to share with me some of your fun ideas on how to keep lunch Healthy and Fresh!

8 thoughts on “Ideas for Kids Healthy Home Lunch

  1. Jen @The Fit Housewife

    Love these ideas, thanks so much for sharing. 2 of my boys will be eating lunch at school and I’m always looking for new ideas….and their school is nut free, so no peanut butter allowed. I have those containers and they work great! Love the idea of the toothpick lunch :)

    1. jenny Post author

      Ooh, that is tough to work around an allergy. I’m glad you’ve found some new ideas! Let me know how the boys like it.

  2. Heather

    “Ideas for Kids Healthy Home Lunch | The Happy Gal” truly got me personally
    simply addicted on your page! I reallywill certainly wind up being back
    again far more often. Thank you -Myrtis


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